Koala Diaper Changing Stations, Shopping Cart Straps and Seat Belts

Here we have our collection of child safety products. This includes shopping cart seat belts, shopping cart straps, and Koala diaper changing stations. These products help keep children safe while in your store for your customers’ convenience and satisfaction.

Shopping cart seat belts secure young children to the cart preventing possible injury from falling or even from getting lost. Shopping cart straps (also called retaining straps or shag straps) assist your employees with retrieving shopping carts from the lot and helps prevent losing control of any carts. Koala diaper changing stations make it safe and easy for your customers to attend to the needs of their babies.

These child safety and shopping cart products are necessary for remaining competitive in the retail industry by allowing your customers to have a much more convenient experience. Shop now by clicking any of the items and adding them to your cart or call us at 800-822-0422!

Child Seat Belt
List price: $5.00
Buy Now: $5.00, 5/$20.00, 10/$35.00, 25/$68.75
Retaining Strap
List price: $12.50
Buy Now: $10.00
Koala Diaper Changing Station
List price: $250.00
Buy Now: $215.00
Koala Changing Table Liner
List price: $75.00
Buy Now: $60.00