Large Two Tier Cart

Large Two Tier Cart
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Product Description

Large Two Tier CartLarge Two Tier CartLarge Two Tier CartLarge Two Tier Cart
This is a very large version of our metal double basket cart. As you can see, the lower basket extends out quite a bit beyond the upper basket. This is handy when separating your purchases. This two tier shopping cart also features an extra tray in the back; convenient for holding milk or other large items.

Both upper and lower baskets have bumpers to protect walls and fixtures. It has non-marking 5" wheels to protect your floor. It also comes standard with an ASTM compliant child seat and a convenient purse hook.

Optional branding is available in the form of printed handles or logo plate. (see plate on front of basket)

This cart can NOT ship by UPS


Length: 38.75"

Width: 23"

Height: 40.75"

Upper Basket Width: 19.5" tapers to 16" at nose

Upper basket depth: 12" tapers to 7.5" at nose

Upper basket Length: 19"

Lower Basket Width: 19.5" tapers to 15" at nose

Lower basket depth: 10" tapes to 4.5" at nose

Lower basket length: 24"

Weight: 60 pounds

Nesting Distance: 9"

Basket Capacity: 6,704 ci

Total shopping capacity: 10678 ci

This cart must ship by tractor trailer, call for freight estimate.

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