Shopping Cart Parts - Shopping Cart Replacement Wheels

With regular, daily use both inside and outside, your shopping carts can get beat up and damaged, leaving them with bad wheels, bent casters, and broken parts. Instead of buying an entirely new shopping cart, it might be more cost-efficient to tune up your carts with replacement shopping cart parts. We carry a variety of replacement shopping carts parts including shopping cart replacement wheels, shopping cart casters, and replacement shopping cart seats. Almost all carts take the replacement wheels listed below. The handles and seats are a little bit trickier. If you need shopping cart handles or seats please give us a call at 800-822-0422 and ask for Dave, our shopping cart parts specialist.

5" Poly Shopping cart wheel
List price: $9.50
Buy Now: $8.00, 50/$350.00, 100/$600.00
5" Shopping cart caster
List price: $15.00
Buy Now: $12.50, 50/$550.00, 100/$925.00
Replacement Shopping Cart Seat
List price: $7.50
Buy Now: $6.50, 20/$120.00, 50/$275.00
Stock Truck Stationary Caster
List price: $18.00
Buy Now: $12.50