Shopping Cart Accessories - Childrens Shopping Carts, Handicap Shopping Carts, and More

Here you’ll find all of our miscellaneous and special retail store items. Carriage Trade Service Company provides many retail store shopping cart accessories and special items such as children’s shopping carts, handicap shopping carts, shopping cart wipes, and much more!

Handicap shopping carts are essential for making your store accessible to everyone. It is very difficult to push a shopping cart while in a wheelchair. Children’s shopping carts make them feel included while your customers are shopping, keeping them busy and entertained and your customers happy. Cater to all your clients’ needs and make everyone feel welcome in your store.

Please take a look at our wide assortment of shopping cart accessories that are sure to add the finishing touches to your retail store.

Shopping cart Sign holder 8.5 x 11
List price: $15.00
Buy Now: $15.00, 4/$56.00, 20/$270.00, 100/$1,250.00, 200/$1,990.00, 300/$2,775.00, 500/$4,250.00
Shopping Cart Disinfecting Wipes
List price: $75.00
Buy Now: $59.95
Shopping Cart Wipes
List price: $250.00
Buy Now: $199.99
Pull-Pal Shopping Cart Handle
List price: $20.00
Buy Now: $18.00, 10/$150.00, 50/$600.00, 100/$1,000.00
Retaining Strap
List price: $12.50
Buy Now: $10.00
Wheel Chair Shopping Cart
List price: $275.00
Buy Now: $225.00
Shopping Cart Cup Holder
List price: $12.00
Buy Now: $9.00, 36/$306.00, 72/$576.00, 108/$837.00
Shopping Cart Flower Caddy
List price: $12.50
Buy Now: $7.50
Wheel Chair Shopping Cart
List price: $400.00
Buy Now: $375.00
Kiddy shopping cart for children
List price: $125.00
Buy Now: $105.00, 2/$175.30, 3/$245.60, 4/$282.00
Handbasket Cart
List price: $175.00
Buy Now: $150.00, 2/$275.00, 3/$400.00, 4/$500.00
Multi Bike Rack
List price: $400.00
Buy Now: $368.00