Stocking Carts & U Boat Hand Trucks for Sale

Stock your store’s shelves more easily and efficiently with our collection of stocking carts and U boat hand trucks. Stocking carts and U boat hand trucks make it easier to stock your shelves by allowing you to carry more product to the designated aisle rather than walking back and forth to the stock room carrying out a boxes or bins at a time.

You and your employees will be more productive, getting product on the shelves for your customers faster. With all the extra time you save you’ll be able to be more attentive to your customers other needs, providing better customer service.

Discover the right stocking carts and U boat hand trucks for your retail store today. Give us a call at 800-822-0422 if you have any specific questions about our U boats and stocking carts!

Two bin order picking and stocking cart
List price: $245.00
Buy Now: $225.00, 2/$401.50, 3/$562.50, 5/$875.00
Carry Out Cart
List price: $275.00
Buy Now: $225.00
60" U Boat stock truck
List price: $275.00
Buy Now: $195.00
Two Tier Greenhouse Cart
List price: $437.50
Buy Now: $437.50, 10/$3,474.30